Trullove Cinema provides its clients with full service and support on every aspect of film production when shooting in Italy, including:


Relying on many years of experience, we are able to organize the budgets and schedules of low, medium or high budget features films as well as advertising commercials.

Budgets and schedules are prepared to meet individual requirements and are suited to the size of the production.


We can scout on field for any type of production both in studio or on location

Trullove Cinema maintains good, on-going relationships with local and regional governments and the Ministery of Culture any of which may issue shooting permits, including those for historical sites and government buildings.

We also have privileged relationship with all main Italian regional and local Film Commissions and can offer advice on geographical areas offering tax based incentives. In some areas of Italy regional Film Commissions have set up funds for cinema while others offer facilities or benefits that give substantial assistance to national and international productions working within their territory.


Trullove Cinema can offers a large choice of multilingual and highly specialized cinema professionals.

Our long term relationship with European casting agents and our regular production levels mean that Trullove Cinema has been able to successfully cast films in several languages and in many countries.

We also guarantee that all crew and cast members on production are employed through legal contracts and fully insured; we can also offers consultation about Italian employment procedures.


Trullove Cinema is able to share its privileged relationship with all of Italy's major studios, including the largest facility in Rome, Cinecittà.

Trullove Cinema has at its disposal major equipment suppliers as well as prop and costume houses, and a number of technical laboratories. All the technical equipment and supplies we use can be obtained at excellent prices due to our-long time relationships with suppliers.


A full range of production vehicles is available, from cars - with or without drivers - to passenger vans, make-up trailers, wardrobe trailers, catering trucks, star trailers, mobile generators, grip and camera trucks.

Trullove Cinema maintains close relations with the major transport, car rental and catering companies, ensuring discount packages that suit any budget and need.


Trullove Cinema can act as a comprehensive Italian legal and fiscal representative on behalf of its clients. We work in close collaboration with our producers, and operate under the direction of the client's company.

We are ready to meet insurance requirements, provide banking facilities and assist in the fulfilment of tax and labour-related obligations, including crew hiring, social security contributions, liability and other types of insurance as well as carry out VAT reimbursements for our clients.


For foreign producers the following benefit are available:

Executive production tax credit

When a film is eligible, the Italian Producer, as executive producer, is entitled to receive, on behalf of its client, a Tax credit corresponding to the 25% of 100% of production costs in Italy. For more information on this matter do not hesitate to contact us directly.